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My Review: MELIPRON Vehicle Laptop Mount


Reposted from Major Reviews by Michael Major, published on
Original article link: My Review: MELIPRON Vehicle Laptop Mount

The good people at MELIPRON sent me one of their laptop mounts to test and review. Once I received it, I had two questions I aimed to answer.

Is it any good? And who is this laptop mount suited for?

I installed this laptop mount in my 4Runner and drove around for several days to get a good feel for its effectiveness. During this time, I got a good feel for how well this laptop mount performs in everyday real-world scenarios.

What You Get in the Box

All the components came nicely and securely packaged, and you get all the bolts, nuts, washers and brackets required to assemble and install this unit. However, I would like to see some hex wrenches included to make the assembly of the laptop stand easier.


The stand assembly was very straightforward, and the included instruction manual was easy to follow. I had no issues following along with the instructions to put this laptop mount together.

The assembly comes in two main parts: the base bracket with an attached center post and the shelf that the laptop sits on. I assembled these two components in less than half an hour.

The only issue I faced was with one bolt hole on the base, which was misaligned by a fraction of an inch. For the purposes of this review, I secured it with the three other bolts. It would be easy enough to run a drill bit through the hole to widen it a little bit and make this part fit better.

Installation in my Vehicle

Installing the laptop mount in my 4Runner was straightforward and only involved loosening the bolts that held down my seat and securing the provided brackets.

Once the brackets were installed, I only needed to attach the base to the included hardware. The base includes two feet that help with keeping the laptop mount secure.

The other half of the mount slid easily onto the base.

Securing a laptop to the mount was straightforward, and the included brackets should accommodate most laptop sizes. The brackets have an extensive range of adjustability, and I could fit my laptop without any issues.

How It Preformed

This laptop stand is well-made and thought-out. The base on which the laptop sits has a swivelling ball joint, allowing you to maneuver and position it virtually any position you want.

The arms swivel and turn to move the laptop across wide areas of the vehicle's passenger side. I found no problems locating the stand in such a way that it was out of the way of the gear shift, centre console, and other controls but still accessible.

You can also adjust the overall height of the stand.

While the laptop stand holds a laptop securely, I found that the stand itself would sway and flex as I was driving around. Part of this is that the base had room to move, so I moved the seat up until it rested against the center post, reducing the movement. The laptop stand still moved around as the truck went over bumps, but it was not a significant issue for diving around the city. I would not suggest using this for off-road activities.

I tried mounting my Surface Go 2 in the stand, not expecting it to fit, which was the case. However, this mount has enough room for adjustment to fit it on the base and use it effectively. Although I could not drive around with the Surface Go in the mount, it did provide a sturdy base for using it when parked.

What I Liked About the Laptop Stand

The laptop stand was incredibly adjustable and held my laptop securely in place as I drove around. Even though it would sway and flex a bit while going over speed bumps, I never felt that it would break or that any locking mechanisms would unlock or loosen.

The base on which the laptop sits has so much room for movement and adjustability that I could orient it to suit any situation. Finding a comfortable location for the laptop to be positioned was relatively easy.

The build quality of this laptop mount is very good, especially for the price point, with the minor exception of one misaligned bolt hole. Most of the mount is metal, and the locking mechanisms are good quality.

The two cooling fans are a great addition, especially for the hotter months. They did a good job keeping my laptop cool, and the fans did not make a lot of noise, which was also a great feature.

What I Did Not Like

A couple of things could be improved regarding this mount. First, when installed, the passenger seat becomes useless. Even if you take the upper portion off the mount, the main post is in the way, making it impossible for someone to sit in the passenger seat. I would have liked to see a way to quickly and easily remove the mount from the base brackets. If the center post were secured to the base brackets so one could slip it off when not in use, this mount would be much more useful to people who regularly have passengers in their vehicles.

The cooling fans worked quite well, but the included cable needed to be longer to reach my truck's USB ports. That said, I could plug it into the laptop, but I'd rather power the cooling fans through my truck's electrical system than the laptop battery.

Who is This Best Suited For

This laptop mount is best suited for a few groups of people. First and foremost, this stand would be great for anyone who drives a lot during their workday and uses their vehicle as a mobile office. Salespeople, contractors, or project managers would find a laptop mount like this a welcome and essential addition to their mobile offices.

Amateur radio operators are another group that would get a lot out of a mount like this. Connecting a laptop, or in my case, a small tablet and keyboard, to our mobile radios allows us to run digital modes while being mobile. It also makes many aspects of amateur radio operation more comfortable since it can now be done from our vehicles' cab.

I will use this mount on my next POTA (Parks On The Air) activation because logging contacts on this mount is much more comfortable than typing into my logbook on my lap.

Final Thoughts

If you need a good quality laptop mount at a very reasonable price point, you can't go wrong with the MELIPRON Laptop mount. While I would not recommend it for off-roading, it would be a great choice if you need a laptop mount for daily driving.

Reposted from Major Reviews by Michael Major, published on

Original article link: My Review: MELIPRON Vehicle Laptop Mount

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