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Crowdfunding Article for MELIPRON Magic Gear System (MGS) Case


Keeping your gear secure and safe is a difficult but critical part of any outdoor pursuit. Whether you are overlanding, camping, hunting, fishing, or off-roading you need your gear to be in the same condition at your destination that it was when you left. The problem with gear storage is that the options which are available are often just a bin, case, or bag.

There is not much versatility built into gear storage which makes accessing the equipment you want difficult.

MELIPRON is pleased to introduce the Magic Gear System (MGS) Case which aims to make gear storage for any outdoor adventure easy, secure, and versatile. The MGS has all the features that outdoor enthusiasts want without any bells and whistles that they do not need.

Suitable for almost any outdoor adventure, the MGS has some key features that set it several steps above the competition.

Waterproof and Airtight

People who spend a lot of time outdoors know that keeping water out of their gear is of critical importance. The MGS is watertight so regardless of what weather or terrain you are navigating through, everything you put inside the box will remain safe and dry.

Strap the MGS to your roof rack while you drive through a monsoon, throw it in the bottom of your fishing boat, or secure it to your ATV while you plow through the mud and puddles on the way to a late season hunting camp. The MGS keeps water, dust, dirt, and anything else you don’t want in your expensive gear on the outside.

Along with the waterproofness, is the ability of this cargo box to be secured and locked, preventing anyone from accessing your precious gear. Be it a human trying to rummage through your stuff at camp, to a bear who wants to get to your snacks, you can rest assured that nothing is going to get inside this box except you.


Securing a cargo box to your vehicle is often a problem that outdoor adventurers struggle with. Also, finding a cargo box that you can secure to any vehicle for any adventure is very difficult, but the MELIPRON Magic Gear System solves this problem.

You can strap the MGS box to a roof rack, trailer hitch basket, ATV, boats or canoe and rest assured that your cargo will remain secured and safe until you reach your destination. The cargo box can be secured in many ways meaning that you will never have to worry about whether it will fit in or on your vehicles.

There are optional racks and brackets which are used to mount the MGS in a wide variety of configurations in an equally broad spectrum of vehicles. These brackets allow the MGS to install quickly and easily in pickup truck beds and roof racks.

Inside the box is an innovative foam divider which will keep your gear from sliding around inside the box, which can cause your valuable gear to become damaged. You can use it to create individualized compartments for organization or to keep certain gear separated from others to prevent damage.

A series of storage trays are designed to nest in the top section of the inside. This leaves room underneath for further storage which also increases the storage capability of the MGS. Even if there is only one tray installed, they are designed to not move around inside the box.


Built from premium materials, the MGS can withstand the rigors of any outdoor pursuit without skipping a beat. Whether you are rock crawling in Utah or diving through the mud in a southern swamp, the MELIPRON Magic Gear System will withstand anything you can throw at it for many years to come.

Drag it through the mud, drop it from the tail gate, or drive it through a sandstorm, the cargo box will withstand the worst that nature, or you, can throw at it without skipping a beat.

Gas Struts

Opening a cargo box should never be difficult. The MGS has integrated gas struts which make opening and closing the cargo box easy enough that you could do it with a single hand. These struts make getting at your gear so easy that you won’t even have to think about it, unlike other cargo boxes where the lids are heavy and difficult to open.

These struts are also totally silent. While this is not so important for the average car camper, for those who hunt, getting at your gear without making any noise is of the utmost importance. Even for people like wildlife photographers, getting at your camera gear without alarming your subject is the difference between a big pay day and a missed opportunity.


Mounting Points

Included on the exterior and the interior of the MGS are mounting points designed to allow for the attachment of additional accessories. These are integrated into the box itself and accept bolts which will make installation and removal of accessories very straightforward.

Along with the integrated mounting points is a track system which uses magnets to secure a wide range of brackets, tool holders, and other storage accessories.  

Integrated MOLLE Panels

Keping your gear organized is something that every outdoor adventurer understands as being very important to a successful trip. The MGS includes integrated MOLLE panels allowing you to organize your gear with MOLLE pouches, so you’ll have access to the kit you want when you want it without needing to search through the box.

These panels are available for the interior or the exterior which give you twice the functionality and increase the storage capacity at the same time. Keep your sensitive gear safe on the inside and the gear you need to access rapidly on the outside. Your electronics can be safe a dry while you can keep first-aid kits, shovels, axes, vehicle kits, and other emergency gear on the outside for easy access.

The best part is that these panels are removable which allows you to customize the layout of the panels. You can place the panels exactly where you need them and remove them in areas that you don’t. Being able to have the pouches and gear you need in exactly the locations that make sense for your situation is a feature that everyone who loves being outdoors can appreciate.

The MGS includes a MOLLE bag system with labels to make organizing your gear seamless. From overlanding to search and rescue, or even a weekend camping trip, you will not be wasting any of your valuable time searching for the gear you need.

The best part is that this bag system is detachable and has the ability to be folded into a backpack. This is great for those times where you’re stuck with a vehicle breakdown and need to walk to get help.

The panels are sturdy enough to keep your pouches and bags totally secure when you’re driving along bumpy roads or crawling over nasty terrain.

Insulated Bag

Keeping food at the perfect temperature is often a tricky endeavor but the included insulated bag will keep your food nice and cool. The bag also fits perfectly inside the cargo box, so you can be assured that it will be safe from damage or contamination. You can also take the bag out and throw it inside your vehicle, so you have access to fresh cold food while you’re navigating your 4x4 through rough logging roads.


Sometimes you are taking a lot of gear out into the outdoors with you and that gear often will be in bags and pouches that look a lot alike. Good thing that the MGS also includes sorting labels to keep all your gear organized. You’ll be able to grab exactly what you need for the box when you need it regardless of whether the bag it’s in looks the same as all the other bags your gear is stored in.

The included labels are designed so that you can write on them yourself allowing for the maximum level of customization.

Telescoping Legs and Table

The MGS is made far more useful with the addition of 45cm or 73-103cm legs and table. The 45cm version lets you set the MGS at an elevated position which is the same as average sized person who is sitting. The 73-103cm version has telescoping legs to achieve the perfect height to turn the MGS into a standing work platform at the optimal height. Each version includes side tables that fold out to increase the usefulness.

On the top of the MGS, one of the MOLLE panels can be flipped up to make a seat which can withstand 100 kg of weight. When the MGS is on the ground it sits at 23 cm tall which when used as a seat, makes a perfect height to lounge about when fishing, hunting, camping, or having lunch during an overlanding adventure.

Integrated Light

Looking for equipment in the dark is a huge problem for outdoor enthusiasts. The MGS solves this issue by including a light inside of the box to illuminate the interior and make finding your gear quick and easy.

Future Accessories

MELIPRON is continuously improving the design of the Magic Gear System and will be introducing other accessories and improvements as development of the MGS continues. Future additions include but are not limited to built-in ladders, exterior lights, built-in tables, motorcycle towing ropes, and upgraded gas struts. MELIPRON is always looking to make the MGS the frontline choice for all outdoor adventurers and will continue to upgrade and improve every aspect of the design.

The Perfect Option for Outdoor Adventures

Hands down, the MELIPRON Magic Gear System is the best storage option available on the market for any outdoor adventure. Regardless of what gear you are bringing, this cargo box will not only store it, but keep it safe no matter what happens during your trip. You can trust that your expensive gear will be safe from water, dust, critters, and humans.

Not only is the cargo box exceptionally durable, but it has a level of versatility that is unrivaled in the outdoor gear space.

Join our Facebook group and keep checking back on our crowdfunding page for updates and to find out about more features and accessories that we are releasing.

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