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MGS Cargo Case

Expand Your Outdoor Adventures MELIPRON MGS Cargo Case Up to 25 Accessories, Infinite Versatility!


MELIPRON is a brand that provides innovative vehicle storage solutions.


Van Storage System

Elevate Your Workday Efficiency with Our Premium Storage Solutions and Racks—Your Van, Redefined for Ultimate Performance.

Platform Roof Rack System

Engineered for Durability, Designed for Adventure. Elevate Your Transport Capabilities and Embrace the Freedom to Explore More.

MGS Cargo Case

Keeping your gear secure and safe...


MELIPRON maximizes vehicle space utilization, innovates the way to organize your gear on the go and provides modular storage solutions that simplify work and travel.

Expert Advice

  • Crazydont Overland

    At first i was doubtful because of its low price compared to the branded platforms. I was surprised how easy it is to assemble. It is lightweight but feels durable and stable.

  • Jason Goss

    Really loving my MELIPRON truck bed rack ladder rack! I keep a ladder with me now which is great, used the rack 3 times already to pick up long lumber, baseboards and such and it’s worked awesome. The thing I love most about this thing? Never have to guess where I’m parked anymore! Come out of the grocery store and there’s very few green ladders suspending over a black truck lol!

  • Gerardo Lemoine

    On my trip with the MGS case on the roof. It has withstood 80 mph on top of the roof with just some lashing straps. Last night at Assateague State Park, Maryland with winds of 20 plus miles per hour and almost 10 hours of rain not one single drop got into the case. Anyone on the fence about buying this case. You need to jump off and get it. The case does what it says and lives up to expectations.

  • Slaten

    Hi all! I just wanted to show off my first overlanding rack ever!
    Thanks to MELIPRON for the sweet rack to hold this bad boy! I like the rack it’s hooked on too!!!
    Apparently has some options that are coming so I’m hoping to get an awning and recovery boards and a shovel! Looking at camper tops also!