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LeopardArmor Truck Rack can perfectly fix the trouble of  large-size and medium-size pickup storage, find excellent space for your Kayak, bicycle, spare tire, awning, etc

Roof Platform

Comfortable: Free up more internal space GrizzliesArmor Platform with its unique and... 


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Everyone is eager for an adventure. Go through the Mojave Desert, walk to the mysterious area without human-beings, experience the charming of nature, feel the tenacity of vitality. Accompanying you on expanding adventure is the original intention and drive for us to create the MELIPRON.




  • I am very impressed with this truck bed rack!

    At this price point I am amazed with the quality of manufacturing, design and finish.
    I have gotten quite a few compliments on this truck bed rack and I feel confident it will serve me well carrying my Kayak and fly rod vault for years to come.

    Universal Truck Bed Rack 
  • A Simple, Cost-Effective Spare Tire Relocation Kit for Most Roof and Bed Racks

    Relocating your spare tire is important when off-roading and overlanding for a multitude of reasons, and this universal spare tire carrier by Melipron is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective solution for relocating your spare tire.

    Universal Spare Tire Carrie 
  • I install the bed rack for my father-in-law. This Amazon rack is actually quite good.

    So it's quite a good product. I'm like I said, I'll put a link in the description to this one. It's I get no money off of it. I put one on here. It's on my father in law's truck and seems to be looking pretty good. He likes it and hopefully we have years of use out of this. The good thing is it's stainless steel hardware.

    Universal Truck Bed Rack