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Ladder Roof Rack with Cargo Roller

Ladder Roof Rack with Cargo Roller

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  • 【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】Van roof racks fit from 48'' to 59'' wide cargo van with rain gutter. Compatible with Chevrolet Express 1500 2500 3500, Ford E-Series, GMC Savana, etc., and Full-size Vans. [WIDE兼容性]车顶行李架适合48英尺到59英尺宽的带雨水槽的货车。与雪佛兰快车1500 2500 3500,福特E系列,GMC萨凡纳等,全尺寸面包车兼容。 [WIDE兼容性]车顶行李架适合48英尺到59英尺宽的带雨水槽的货车。与雪佛兰快车1500 2500 3500,福特E系列,GMC萨凡纳等,全尺寸面包车兼容。
  • 【REAR CARGO ROLLER】Not only saves energy and time to load and unload heavy bulky items onto the roof racks but also improves safety and convenience during installation. Our roller bracket is also designed with different mounting holes, you can adjust it to the most suitable position according to your needs. [REAR货物滚轮]不仅节省了在车顶行李架上装载和卸载笨重物品的能源和时间,而且提高了安装过程中的安全性和便利性。我们的滚轮支架还设计有不同的安装孔,您可以根据需要将其调整到最合适的位置。 [REAR货物滚轮]不仅节省了在车顶行李架上装载和卸载笨重物品的能源和时间,而且提高了安装过程中的安全性和便利性。我们的滚轮支架还设计有不同的安装孔,您可以根据需要将其调整到最合适的位置。
  • 【ADJUSTABLE MIDDLE BAR】Trailer ladder rack with adjustable middle bar fits the cargo van with an uneven roof, adjustable range of 1-1/8''. Universal to most cargo vans. 【可调中杆】带可调中杆的拖车梯架,适用于不平整车顶的货车,可调范围1-1/8“。通用于大多数货车。 【可调中杆】带可调中杆的拖车梯架,适用于不平整车顶的货车,可调范围1-1/8“。通用于大多数货车。
  • 【STURDY MATERIAL】Ladder Roof Rack is made out of heavy-duty gauge steel, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, sturdy and durable. The max weight capacity per bar is 350 lbs. Ideal for carrying ladders, tubes, and other heavy bulky items. 【STURDY MATERIAL】阶梯式行李架采用重型规格钢,防锈防腐,坚固耐用。每根杆的最大承重能力为350磅。非常适合携带梯子、管子和其他笨重物品。 【STURDY MATERIAL】阶梯式行李架采用重型规格钢,防锈防腐,坚固耐用。每根杆的最大承重能力为350磅。非常适合携带梯子、管子和其他笨重物品。
  • 【PROTECTIVE RUBBER COVER】Rubber cap on the upright post prevents wind noise at high speed and prevents water from entering the system on rainy days. Also, the rubber cover can reduce metallic friction on the rain gutters, further reducing the chance of rusting.
  • 【保护橡胶盖】立柱上的橡胶盖可防止高速行驶时的风噪,雨天也可防止水进入系统。此外,橡胶盖可减少雨水槽与金属的摩擦,进一步减少生锈的机会。描述



Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-1
Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-2


The height of Middle bar can be adjusted up and down to fit uneven roof, range from 4-1/8" to 5-1/2".

Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-3


No need drillling. Directly install into to the existing drip rails. Easy to install and will not destory your van.

Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-4


3 Crossbars can be adjusted from 48" to 59", fit most cargo vans with rain gutter.

Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-5


Roller Bar Upgrade offers the conveniences of loading heavy or bulky loads to the roof racks


Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-6

Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-8

Cargo Rear Roller

Not only saves you the hassle of loading heavy bulky items onto the roof, but also makes the loading more secure and faster.

Melipron Van Roof Rack with Cargo Roller-7

Warm Notice

Measure the distance carefully between the gutter and roof, the adjust the bar to the most suitable position.

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