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Choosing The Right Truck Racks For Your Overland Truck: 5 TOP Seller In MELIPRON


Prepare for your next cross-country expedition, but don't know how to assemble your truck? Don't worry, this guide will give you a comprehensive understanding of chase rack and truck bed rack, and why they are essential for your cross-country travel. In addition, we will showcase MELIPRON's five top truck racks to ensure that your vehicle is fully prepared for any adventure.

MELIPRON truck chase rack

Why Choose a Bed Rack?

Enhanced Versatility

While your pickup is already plenty functional, a bed rack can significantly improve its functionality. With high quality off-road bed frames, you can easily mount rooftop tents, kayaks, bikes, rescue equipment, and storage containers. Customization options are virtually limitless, allowing you to tailor your truck to your specific adventure needs. This not only increases your cargo capacity, but also makes every trip more efficient and enjoyable!

Secure Mounting

A solid truck roll bar provides reliable anchor points, ensuring your gear stays securely in place, even on the roughest trails. This security is invaluable when you're far from civilization.

Improved Organization

Turn your truck bed into an organized storage area. Whether you're storing fuel, water, tools or essentials, everything can be neatly organized and easily accessible.

Types of Bed Racks

Low-Profile Racks

Low-profile racks sit close to the top of your truck’s bed rails, offering a sleek, aerodynamic look. They’re perfect for mounting lighter items or creating a solid base for additional cargo. For example, the MELIPRON Low Profile Bed Rack is an excellent option for maintaining a streamlined appearance.

Low-Profile Racks
Mid-Height Racks

Mid-height racks balance clearance and appearance. They can handle taller items while maintaining a sleek profile on your truck, making them versatile for various overlanding setups. The Overland Bed Rack is an ideal accessory for your truck storage.

Mid-Height Racks
Cab-Height Racks

To maximize your cargo-carrying capacity, cab-height racks rise to the same height as your truck's cabin. Perfect for transporting large items or installing a rooftop tent, these racks provide plenty of room for all of your equipment.

Cab-Height Racks

Choosing the Right Bed Rack


Truck racks are usually constructed of steel or aluminum. Steel offers exceptional strength but is heavier, while aluminum is lighter and highly resistant to rust. Your choice should be based on your specific needs and the weight you intend to carry.


Make sure the rack design you choose fits the make, model and bed length of your truck. A proper fit will ensure a safe installation and optimal performance. For example, if you drive an F150, look for a F150 Bed Rack specifically designed for your vehicle.

Bearing Capacity

Consider the maximum weight you’ll be carrying and choose a rack with a suitable dynamic (while driving) and static (when parked) load rating. Adhering to these limits ensures safe transportation of your gear.

Essential Features and Accessories


Crossbars provide the main mounting points for your gear. Look for racks with multiple crossbars to maximize flexibility and distribute weight evenly.

Side Rails

Side rails add structural stability and offer additional tie-down points to keep your cargo secure. Some models include integrated slots for easily attaching gear and accessories.

Modular Design

A modular bed rack system allows you to start with a basic setup and customize it as your needs evolve. Add or remove elements like side rails, crossbars, or specialized mounts for gear to suit your requirements.


Most bed racks have a durable powder coat finish that protects them from the elements and ensures longevity. Choose a color that complements the style of your truck.


Popular accessories include mounting brackets, tie-down points, cargo nets, awnings, rooftop tents, and tool mounts.

The Overlanding Advantage

The Overlanding Advantage
More Gear, More Exploration

An overland bed rack expands your cargo space, allowing you to pack essential gear without compromising interior space. Bring along recovery tools, camping equipment, and outdoor toys for epic journeys.

Ultimate Basecamp Setup

Combine your bed rack with a rooftop tent and awning to create a cozy elevated base camp wherever you roam. Enjoy the view from above while being shielded from the elements.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your valuables are well-secured allows you to focus on exploring worry-free. Roll bars for pickups enhance safety and structural integrity during off-road adventures.

The Adventurer’s Aesthetic

A well-equipped roll bar for truck adds a touch of ruggedness and functional charm to your truck. Embrace the overlanding style and express your passion for venturing off the beaten path.

MELIPRON’s Top 5 Truck Racks

1.Truck Topper Rack for Trailer Van Pickup

Presenting MELIPRON's Truck Topper Rack, an adaptable solution designed for trailers, vans, and pickups. Our upgraded system boasts lightweight and sturdy T-slots, simplifying the installation of bikes, kayaks, or rooftop tents with T-screws. The aerodynamic C-Shape Tube enhances stability and minimizes wind resistance during high-speed travel. Featuring an adjustable mounting base, it effortlessly accommodates various roof sizes, while the included rubber strip prevents items from shifting. Crafted from reinforced aluminum, our rack is both rust-resistant and robust, supporting a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. Choose from four sizes (50", 55", 60", 72") to match your vehicle perfectly.

Truck Topper Rack
2.Truck Bed Rack for Truck w/Inner Rail System

Transform your truck into a versatile cargo-hauling machine with MELIPRON's Truck Bed Rack designed for select models like the TOYOTA Tacoma, TOYOTA Tundra, NISSAN Titan, NISSAN Frontier, and JEEP Gladiator with inner rail systems. This ladder rack boasts a robust welded design capable of holding up to 800lbs, ensuring safety and reliability. With T-slot channels for additional accessories and adjustable size ranges, it offers unparalleled versatility. Plus, our special bottom bracket eliminates the need for drilling, simplifying installation. Experience quality assurance and exceptional support with MELIPRON's Truck Bed Rack.

Truck Bed Rack
3. Adjustable Chase Rack Roll Bar for Full Size Truck Beds

Introduce MELIPRON's adjustable chase frame roller, perfect full-size truck bed, designed for all kinds of trucks from Ford F150 to Toyota Tacoma. The frame is made of wear-resistant black powder coated heavy steel to ensure the safe transportation of goods such as wood and ladders. In order to improve visibility and safety, especially in low light conditions, it is equipped with LED brake taillights and side sign lights. The adjustable beam and simple installation process provide unparalleled convenience and peace of mind for all your transportation needs. Whether you are a professional or an adventurer, this sturdy rack is the perfect complement to your vehicle.

Adjustable Chase Rack Roll Bar
4.Chase Rack Roll Bar for Full-Size Pickup Beds

Increase your pickup's cargo hauling capacity with MELIPRON's Chase Rack Roll Bar. It comes in widths ranging from 58.8 inches to 66.8 inches and fits full-size pickup trucks like the Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet and Dodge Ram. Made of sturdy steel with a black powder-coated finish, this chase rack ensures durability and weather resistance. Its protective design prevents damage to your rear window when transporting heavy loads, while the easy installation and safety features provide peace of mind on the road.

Chase Rack Roll Bar
5. Overland Truck Bed Rack Tent Rack for Toyota Tacoma

Use MELIPRON's Tacoma Bed Rack to enhance your Toyota Tacoma adventure potential. Designed for 2005-2024 second-and third-generation models, this steel frame is easy to install and does not require drilling. Its versatile design allows the installation of a variety of accessories, from high jacks to rooftop tents to maximize the potential of truck beds. It has a durable black powder coating and a high load-carrying capacity of 360 pounds. Dynamic and 720 pounds. Static, it is ready for any road or cross-country hiking. And we also have Jeep Gladiator Bed Rack to expand your storage space!

Overland Truck Bed Rack


Investing in a high-quality overland bed frame is for transformative adventurers looking to maximize the potential of their truck. With increased versatility, better gear organization, and the ability to create a mobile base camp, ladder rack for truck is worth the investment that will enhance your overland experience for years to come.

Visit MELIPRON's website to explore the full line of truck racks and accessories designed to make your overland adventures as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Whether you need a kayak rack for truck or a land bed frame, MELIPRON has you covered.

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