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Influencer Favorites Hub Embark on a journey through Melipron's Influencer Dream Team, a curated collection of collaborations that magnifies the authentic endorsement of our premium products. Immerse yourself in the synergy of top-tier talent passionately recommending Melipron, establishing it as a trusted, high-quality brand. Explore the magic that unfolds when influencers and top-notch products unite, and embrace a lifestyle endorsed by the favorites you trust.
Sanlo Angelo: Off-Road Aficionado and Outdoor Photography Maestro

Since 2019, Angelo has been navigating the trails, conquering rocky terrains, and establishing camp beneath star-studded skies. His chosen companion? A Jeep Wrangler JKU Sports, a testament to his dedication to the off-road journey, a journey that mirrors the durability and reliability embodied by Melipron.

Angelo isn't just an off-road enthusiast; he's a captivating storyteller weaving tales from the road. With the engine roaring and the horizon calling, he unfolds the map to hidden gems in national parks and remote campsites, inspiring fellow adventurers. His camera serves as a co-pilot, capturing the beauty of the outdoors, and Melipron becomes an integral part of this visual narrative.

Paul Arys: Engineering Director and Off-Road Maestro

Originally hailing from France, Paul has woven his passion for 4x4, UTVs, and motorcycles into a captivating narrative. Paul's journey with Melipron is a story of shared enthusiasm for vehicular customization and the great outdoors. His deep-rooted passion for adventure seamlessly aligns with Melipron's commitment to providing top-notch products for those who crave both style and functionality.

Brandon Hartin: A Maestro of Outdoor Automotive Adventures

Meet Brandon Hartin, an automotive enthusiast whose passion for outdoor exploration knows no bounds. Brandon is not just a photographer; he is a virtuoso capturing the essence of outdoor automotive adventures with unparalleled skill. His expertise extends beyond the lens, delving into a profound study of automotive culture.